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Explore The Grand River

Feel as if you are miles away from the city, by exploring the sights and sounds of the ground river

Door-to-Door Service

Our shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at your preferred location.

No Experience Required

Paddlers of all levels are welcome. Our team will offer instructions to those with no experience.

No vehicle required.
We pick you up and bring you home!

Our service allows you to enjoy a day on the Grand River without the hassle of planning, driving and carrying equipment.
With the round trip experience, we take away the worries of planning and cleaning up after a fun day.
Take advantage of Paddle Oar Row this summer, and get on the Grand River!

Navigate the Grand River

Spend your time relaxing as you navigate the beautiful Grand River

The river runs in one direction making it an easy paddle. On the average day the current is not very strong, as most are able to physically walk across the river. For the majority of your trip you will spend most of the time steering, opposed to hard paddling as the current will causually take you down.

Experience Nature

From aquatic to riverside animals, the Grand River has a lot to offer!

Feel further and further away from the city with each paddle or row you take, as you explore a side of the city that you have never seen before. There is much to see with over 5000 different species between fish, birds and reptiles.

What You'll See

Take photographs of your trip and tag us at #PaddleOarRow !

The Grand River is the largest river in southern Ontario. The rivers source is located within Dundalk Ontario, as it stretches 280 kilometers in length to its mouth at Lake Erie, in Port Maitland. Alongside the Grand River runs the Grand Valley trail.