What to Expect

Paddle Oar Row is a boat rental and shuttle company, that operates on weekends (Saturday/Sunday & Holiday Mondays) during the summer from May 1st to September 30th. Our service picks our guests up from their designated location along with providing all necessary equipment for them to enjoy their trip, while safely navigating the river to the designated end point. From which our guests get on a shuttle to be returned home. Paddle Oar Row takes away all the unnecessary stress of organizing a ride to and back from your trip by picking you up at your designated location and returning you home.

It all begins with you booking your trip online. Once your trip has been booked, you will receive confirmation email shortly after providing you a window for when the shuttle will be picking you up. On the day the scheduled trip, your group will be contacted when the shuttle is on route, please be at chosen destination pick up point as the shuttle will not wait longer than five minutes before moving onto the next destination pick up point. Ensure you have packed accordingly for the trip, with the necessary trip essentials i.e. lots of water, food, clothing that can get wet (depending on your type of boat, it is possible that you may not get wet but it is best to be prepared). Once your trip has been completed, ensure your boat has been pulled ashore so that it does not float away. Return all your equipment to your shuttle driver as you enter the shuttle. If your group arrives prior to the shuttle times, there are local trails by the end point that can be explored, please review all returning shuttle times and paddle accordingly to reduce wait time (our trips are planned to coordinate with expected paddle times to prompt a general maximum wait time of fifteen minutes for a shuttle once a trip has been completed.

Lastly ask us more information about our “Protect the Grand” initiatives. Our team will provide your group with bag, if your group returns it filled with garbage collected from the river during your paddle, we will give your group $10.00 off their next paddle!

The Process of Your Journey

From your reservation, to navigating down the river

Book Your Trip Online

Our online booking system makes it quick, simple and easy to book your trip online. Once booked you will receive an confirmation notification of your trip details and approximately when the shuttle will be arriving to your pick up destination.

Shuttle Picks You Up

Our shuttles containing all the neccessary trip equipment (paddles/oars/life jackets/etc) will pick up guests promptly. We advise all guests to be prepared and ready at the pick up destination for our shuttles, to keep all trip on schedule.

Enjoy Your Trip

Our team will provide you with safety instructions along with paddling instructions to ensure you have a smooth trip. From there our team will assist you in getting into the boat and casting you off as your begin your adventure.

Return You Home

Once done your trip and you have arrived at the end point. Leave your boat pulled ashore as our team will safely put it away, as you hop on one of our shuttles and we will return you home.

Choose Your Adventure

We offer trips for all levels

The Gentle Conestogo

Average Paddle Duration: 1.5 hours
A short lovely trip down the Grand, perfect for beginners and families with children.

The Grand Paddle

Average Paddle Duration: 3 hours
A beautiful trip down the Grand, beginning at Ontario's last and only wooden Covered Bridge also known as the "Kissing Bridge".

Wilisons Row

Average Paddle Duration: 6 hours
A long journey, for those seeking a full day adventure.